back to christmas

hello people,

happy new year for all of you! i wish you a nice celebration tonight and joyful and peaceful life in 2011!


from today i start introducing my christmas presents. i guess it is funny, but well, earlier i did not want to do so, because i did not want my family members find these photos online. and now, when everybody is happy with their gifts (i’m proud to say this!!), i can show them for you too.

first present that i would like to show you, is – wrist-warmers for my sister. as i have mentioned in my previous posts, she asked me to make wrist-warmers for her. she also said, she would like them to be dark blue with white beads. ah, i’m always happy, when i know exactly what a person would like to get. maybe it is boring, i don’t know. but for me it is better than making a suprise, because then i can be sure that a person would love what s/he gets. ย i’m a very practical person. ok.

so these are wrist-warmers. again, 100% wool and beads made of Czech glass. my sister loves them, and I’m so glad to see her happy!

as the pattern is quite big, it is better visible when looking to both wrist-warmers at same time

i'm so proud of this seem ๐Ÿ˜€

that's how it looks on arm

in detail


some black-red-golden impressions and green gloves

hello people,

i did not write for so long. excuse me for this, it was quite a chaotic period of my life. but the reason of this chaos is very positive. keeping in short – one of my biggest dreams is coming true.

while being silent and not writing my blog, i was still knitting (and doing some other crafts). – hehe, nothing and no one is able to stop me knitting!ย  – almost all of my Christmas 2010 presents were handmade. little by little, i will show them all for you. but later. because today –

-today i would like to introduce you my gloves. yes, my, these were not a gift for anyone. ย i realised that i want to have lace-gloves when i was knitting pair of these for my sister, as b-day’s present. (hehe, it often happens to me, when i knit something as a gift, i realise that i need such thing too.)

so here they are:

my gloves

ta-da-da-daa – this is a first photo in this blog, showing my knitted item “in action”. i mean, not at home in front of mirror or on the floor – as i am used to take my pictures. no, people, this time it’s a photo of a real moment. i still smile when i remember this moment with my love in Berlin, on the bank of ย Spree river, near to Berlin’s cathedral. ah i did not tell you?.. ย yes, I’ve visited Berlin in November. you need a prove?

i'm that little figure on the cube in front of Reichstag

what i liked about Berlin most – that -at least at the fist sight- people there do not deny any moment, any side of their history. even if it is not the most pleasant one. i think, it is an attribute of wiseness – to admit one’s mistakes, problems, black moments, and keep them live in one’s memory. not trying to delete and forget it. forgetting mistakes leads to repeating them.

for me, the most impressive sightseeing in Berlin is a church, half-destroyed during bombings of WWII. it looks so grotesque between new shining buildings. it is really hard to believe, that bombs were falling here, in West Europe so short time ago (65 years? is this a long time??…) but they were. and this church is standing here to remind this.


a blue colour of impatience

hello people,

i’m trying to avoid sudden buying of things, without thinking for a longer time, if i really need a particular new thing. i don’t buy yarn just because it is beautiful. i have already planned projects in my mind, i know what would i make, how would i wear it, and so on. well, sometimes these plans do fail.

in last weeks of summer 2010 i’ve bought some blue yarn. i was planning to knit a dress for me; i love knitted dresses so much for winter; i have one from last year, i will show you someday.


heathberry -Vaccinium corymbosum- pic from wikipedia


ok , so, let’s get back to blue yarn. i went to shop having idea of dress and found this yarn. i must admit, i’ve made an emotional decision here, i loved yarn not (only) for the colour (that actually fits me), but also for the description of the colour: ย “colour of heathberry”… i found this lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, i’ve bought this yarn, even ifย  ย i saw it’s too thick for a dress i was planning to knit…

i started knitting immediately after coming home from yarn shop. i tried to use different knitting needles, but it did not seem to be nice in any way… so i put this yarn to my cupboard of knitting materials, to wait for better days ๐Ÿ˜€ you see, i don’t like to push myself, knitting must be a pleasure for me. if one project failed, it is hard for me to unravel it, i better put it deep and forget for some time. when my mood is back, i take this failed thing and make something again ๐Ÿ™‚

…this blue yarn did not have to wait too long.

i wanted to have a vest for winter. ย thick blue yarn seemed to be perfect for it. for some time i was searching for inspirations in internet and i decided i want a short-sleeved cardigan with huuuge neck.


final result

so you can see the final result here on right. and now it’s time to explain, why the title of this post has a word “impatience”. i wanted to show you my vest-cardigan as a part of full outfit; for that i need to buy a long sleeved grey top. in these days, i have no time for clothing shops. on the other hand, i like this cardigan so much, i wanted to upload it to my blog immediately. for two days i was struggling and controlling myself. …..and today i’ve lost this fight :D.

i absolutely like my this cardigan, it is soft and really warm. i like the colour that fits me, i like it’s shape, how it is longer and going sharp in the bottom. it is bit loose, i feel cozy inside of it. ……but my most favourite thing of this cardigan is – of course, big neck. as i had really enough of yarn (you remember, i was planning to knit a dress), i could make the neck as big as i wanted. the neck has four buttons, so, i can change the way it looks :


different looks of the neck, depending on number of buttons used


and here come some details:


details from closer

as you see, i’ve added two metal buttons, “invisible” ones, just so make the cardigan fit nicer on me.

step by step i’m getting ready for the winter…….

green peas …and a princess

hey people, how are you? how is your weekend going?

i had a wonderful saturday yesterday. i’ve met my friend and her little daughter (my little best friend) again. we had a very nice time in the city center, a noon of golden autumn. we walked some in alley of ย lindens, went to an old and cozy place to eat some donuts, and later we’ve visited a museum of nature.

i’m totally in love with this little girl ๐Ÿ™‚ and i wanted to make something for her. once, her mother said, she would like to have a knitted dress for her girl. i said: “well hmm.. ok,,, please find the yarn you like, and then we can discuss what you want, and i could make, why not…” haha, but i had a secret plan ๐Ÿ˜€ to make a surprise for both of them; not to wait for yarn being bought. i have so much leftovers, and little girls dress does not need so much yarn. i asked in “by the way” style for girl’s measurements and what style of dress my friend would like to get. i said, i would think about it, but actually….. hehe, actually, i secretly started to knit >:)

as i was child, my father taught me to read very early. i was still going to kindergarten, when i could read. i have read so much tales by myself, and they left me a big impression till now. so when thinking of dress to my little best friend, i was thinking of my childhood too, and remembered tales i’ve read. one story came to my mind immediately – a princess on the pea. believe me, my little best friend is a real princess :D…

illustration by Edmund Dulac

i found some light green soft yarn in my cupboard of leftovers and started dreaming… i even did not search for any pattern, i wanted to create this dress by myself. i wanted it to be embossed and funny – its a clothing for child, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a great fun to knit these patterns. yesterday, when i was taking photos of my finished work, we had such a sunny morning. i used this bright light from side, to show how vivid this dress is!

rows and peas

PEAS! i'm sorry for not rotated view, trust me, i was trying for half of an hour, but somehow this picture could not be rotated or uploaded right....

it has a strawberry button. and a yellow crochet line

full view of green peas dress

ok so.. i loved knitting this dress, but main question was – would my little best friend like it?

i’m so happy and proud to say: she loves this dress too ๐Ÿ™‚ when she saw it (i took it out of my bag in checkroom of nature museum), she wanted to wear it immediately! ๐Ÿ™‚ and she did ๐Ÿ™‚ in the evening i spoke with her mother, she told me, that little girl refused to take off her dress when she came home, also before sleeping. so she went to bed wearing this dress, and her mom decided to take it of, when the girl would be sleeping tight.

ah, it’s a honey to my hearth… ๐Ÿ™‚

some pieces for the puzzle

hi there,

it’s nice to say “hello” to you in October. for me, October is the favourite month in the autumn, because it’s time when all the trees are colourful.. well this year it seems autumn-processes go faster, maybe because of cold weather.

last weekend i went to the village, to visit my parents there. they live nice and peacefully there, both of them and a cat. or should i say the cat?.. ๐Ÿ˜€ she is a princess of home, sometimes i say, that my parents love her more than me, believe me, they behave with her like with a baby, my mom even uses same words and intonations speaking with cat, that she was using speaking with me when i was little ๐Ÿ˜€ ย please meet Her Majesty The Cat – who does not like taking photos, so i had to catch her under the chair.

Her Majesty The Cat

ok so…

while being with my parents, i did not finish any of my knittings (oh yes, i’m doing several projects simultaneously), so today i would like to show you some of my previous works. ah, i have something interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

do you remember, in my post of funny stripes i’ve told you, i like knitting colourful mittens so much; and my stripped “tubey” comes as result of optimising the left-overs of yarn used for mittens? so today i would like to show you one pair of these mittens i was speaking about (you can find all these colours in my tubey sweater too :D) .ย  i’ve made these mittens for my niece.

my niece is such a wonderful child, and i could write so much of her, but… i don’t like writing of other persons -especially children- here on internet, also i would not publish their photos. it is the case of respecting other persons privacy ๐Ÿ™‚ ok. so last autumn, my niece asked me to knit her mittens. i was pleased with this wish, i always feel proud, when other people appreciate and like my works, and ask for something for them. i asked her, what colours would she like? she thought of her winter coat and answered that it should be purple and lilac, well and she loves yellow colour so much too ๐Ÿ™‚ ah, it was a great pleasure for me, to buy the yarn and knit for her. here comes the result:

i've made these pics in the evening, under non-natural colour, so please forgive me the quality ๐Ÿ™‚

the view from closer

on the owners hand

my niece is not very tidy. she is a chaotic child, also dreamy ๐Ÿ™‚ but i’m proud to say, that she did not lose her mittens since she got them last autumn. i guess that means she likes them a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

the case of emergency

hello people, how are you?

i have a long “to-knit” list that i would like to follow. there is something about me, you should know: i like rules, i love schedules, lists and plans. ย i enjoy creating them, and following them makes me feel safe. well but some days ago my sister interrupted my “to-knit” list with an urgent request.

she has pain in her wrist.

in our family (from mother’s side) we all have some joint problems. my sister works with pc so much, she also plays piano, the weather has changed drastically in last days – maybe all these reasons (or none of them) made her feel pain in her right wrist. she asked me, if i could knit her a pair of wrist-warmers immediately?.. i was bit confused, because it had to be a christmas gift for her (you remember?) also, knitting such wrist warmers that i was planning for her, takes some time.. so i suggested her i would knit something simple (speaking of appearance), but functional. deal? deal!

i’ve picked natural wool for these wrist-warmers. it is not so soft, even bit itchy. i decided doing so, after i thought of newborn babies. in here, doctors are advising newborns to wear socks made from natural wool, itchy ones, not soft ones. doctors say, such socks do massage feet of babies and stimulate blood circulation. i thought — if it works on babies, it should work on adults too.

i’ve chosen one of our traditional patterns, so called “tulip/lily – star”, if you would look carefully, you would see that this star consists of four flowers, looking to different directions. i love ethnographic motives, i take them as codes that our ancestry sent to us through ages (philosophy starts here). i would like to know more of meanings of these signs, and when i do, i would write here for you too.

so here comes the result. my sister says these wrist-warmers look way better than she was expecting after i suggested “simple but functional” ๐Ÿ˜€ she loves them and says they help her feel better. ah i’m so glad ๐Ÿ™‚

both wrist-warmers

that's how it looks on my wrist

farewell to summer

hello people,

we had such a nice weekend of indian summer. it was warm and sunny. oh, i love indian summer, when sunrays are reaching the earth through thin layers of mist, making daylight not so sharp, when colours are soft and……..

Panemunฤ—s ลกilas

it was a nice saturday noon, when two of my friends and me went to a forest. it’s a part of this city where i’m living at the moment, next to river. i call these my friends “my friend” and “my best friend”. “my best friend” is daughter of “my friend” ๐Ÿ™‚ she is two years old and i can swear she is the sweetest girl in this world. ok. where was i? it took for us approximately three hours to cross this bridge you see in the photo and to go through this forest… to a bus stop.

view from the bridge

the weather was just perfect, the air in the forest was so fresh, we could smell mushrooms ๐Ÿ™‚ and not only smell!

russula vesca (Latin)

we had a wonderful walk, seeking for mushrooms, playing hide-and-seek behind the trees, watching bugs and eating cookies!.. what a nice ending of summer season ๐Ÿ™‚ …

today — ah, today we have a real autumn, with grey sky, permanent rain and fallen temperature. these things do not make me sad, no way ๐Ÿ™‚ i love autumn..


actually, i wanted to introduce my another knitted thing today, but i guess i just have written my first post to the new category for lovely moments :D. ah, it’s ok, even better ๐Ÿ™‚

and here comes the song that gave the name for this blog –ย  “it’s a lovely day” by Erica Jennings – Irish woman living and singing here, in Lithuania. it’s such a soft, grey, autumn’ish song, enjoy:

taken from youtube, zncristian‘s channel.